Coming Fall 2024 

Join 12 incredible entrepreneurs
in Louisville, Kentucky
for two days of

Masterminding, Life & Business Coaching, Connection, Networking, Private Bourbon Tastings, & Distillery Tours



 FALL 2024



Resolve your biggest bottlenecks in life and business with coaching, training, and idea sharing in the World's Largest American Whiskey Bar.
$5,000 VALUE (at least)


Enjoy lunches and one of the city's finest, most creative dinners from celebrity Chef Michael Crouch!
$500 VALUE


Lean on the collective experience of entrepreneurs  from all around the country to expand your life and business in one weekend. 
$5,000 VALUE (at least!)


Experience a private, guided bourbon tasting and interview with one of the industry's top experts/entrepreneurs!  See the video below for more...
$300 VALUE


TOTAL = $10,800 in Value

FALL 2024



Get the full distillery sensory experience starting with the rich history of America's native spirit from Kentucky's First Distiller.


Enjoy an intimate and unforgettable lunch with your new friends and potential business partners with a view of the river.


Experience the most modern distillery breaking records in marketing and fine spirits. We'll enjoy The Overlook: an awe-inspiring cocktail bar with one of the best views in Louisville, with drinks designed by the famed Death and Co. team in New York. 


You'll "thief" several whiskeys straight from the barrel into your own bottle with the owner of one of the best and most sought after ourbon brands on the planet.

 *We provide transportation during the event so you can relax and enjoy your tastings without worry. Pick up and drop off will be at the Omni Hotel. 

*Events subject to change based on availability.

TOTAL = $1500 in Value

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"The logistics and planning that went into the event were top notch. The tours, tastings, locations, transportation, etc. really made the event flow smoothly for the participants. The coaching was great, the ‚Äúgroup coaching‚ÄĚ was great, and the informal opportunities for talking and connecting were great. I would for sure come back!!‚ÄĚ


Justin H. - Fireman, pilot, serial entrepreneur, influencer, and BB2 guest

"Attending Bourbon & Breakthroughs was a truly gratifying experience. Learning about similar struggles from other entrepreneurs and how they tackled them, assisted through live coaching, to being reminded why we all choose the road less traveled as business owners was worth its weight in gold. All of it was made even better by the company, newfound camaraderie, great food, and, of course, fantastic bourbon."


Mario K. - CEO & Inc. 5000 business owner, and BB2 guest


Welcome to Bourbon and Breakthroughs!  I'm Chris Goodman, an executive life and business coach for entrepreneurs and CEOs. In 2019, a friend and I wanted to see what would happen if we created an event that shattered the traditional business roundtable or mastermind.

We wanted a small group, a compelling environment, experiential coaching & training, and to include the exciting aspects of bourbon (just for fun).

"Bourbon and Breakthroughs" was born.

This event connects people and helps them immediately improve in their life and business.

The bourbon and dining experiences are unforgettable, and the breakthroughs will change the trajectory of your life & business. (‚ÄúBreakthroughs‚ÄĚ are a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development. I‚Äôll facilitate a day of coaching, masterminding and idea-sharing to help you experience breakthroughs in your life and business like you‚Äôve never had before.)

Executives, real estate professionals, serial entrepreneurs, influencers, and small business owners across dozens of industries have discovered that this event leaves them with 3 specific things: new friends/business partners, a full education from an adventure with America's native spirit (bourbon), and impactful moments of clarity. 

You'll get connected into my network of brilliant entrepreneurs, have a once-in-a-lifetime bourbon experience, and share a glass (or a few) of the good stuff with your new friends.

During this event, I bring 15,000+ hours of coaching and training experience right into our conversations, and facilitate our time together so you leave with a plan to break open the "bottlenecks" you're experiencing at work or at home. 

At our last Bourbon and Breakthroughs event, 11 out of 12 guests said they got 10X the value of their ticket by the end of the weekend, and the June event will be even better!

Get your ticket now because we only allow 12 guests.




Results you can trust:  

"Chris‚Äô coaching allows me to see blind spots that my own biases won‚Äôt allow me to.¬† 20 minutes with him made me an additional $200,000 this year.‚ÄĚ


Dr. Rob Murgatroyd -  Entrepreneur & Creator of RobKim_Italia

"Chris's style of coaching is unlike any other than I have ever experienced. There is something about the cadence in his voice when he asks questions, the wording in the questions that he asks, the way he guides you to find the solution within... most coaches think it's their job to tell you what to do. Chris believes we have the answer within us, if we can only get out of our own way. "


Nina Gervase - Top Producing Realtor, Raleigh NC

Must be at least 21 years old with a valid photo I.D. to attend.

Fall 2024 Event Pricing


Financing is Available



Day 1 at Watch Hill Proper

Coaching & Mastermind (8:30a-8:30p) in the world's largest American whiskey bar

Lunch, drinks, appetizers, dinner, & dessert

Private Guided Bourbon Tastings (and entrepreneur interviews or panels)

Day 2 Distillery Tours (and more)

Three Distillery Tours & Private Tastings

Lunch at a Louisville icon
with a river view

Event transportation is included from the Omni hotel to distilleries, lunch, and return to Omni at the end of our day

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Executive & Entrepreneur

What was your favorite part of the event?
"Truly enjoyed the networking and the group coaching. It was refreshing, and very worth the value of time and dollars."

Multiple Business Owner & Operator

What was your favorite part? 
"The coaching session. I really valued the methodical approach to breaking down issues and helping each person gain a new perspective to their largest issues."


Join us for

Masterminding, Bourbon, Breakthroughs, and Spirited Conversation 



Events subject to change based on availability.