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The DISC Assessment changed my life and the lives of hundreds of men and women I have coached. 


Here's Why:

This assessment helps you understand your behavior. 
You'll see the REAL you on an entirely different level...
Discover how to play to your strengths, address your weaknesses, and relate to others' better than ever.
You'll deeply understand other people, your team members, co-workers, and even your husband, wife, or partner better by learning how their behavior impacts all of their choices.
Connect faster and lead more POWERFULLY:  
Imagine knowing exactly how to motivate or connect with EVERYONE in your life based on their DISC!
It helps you sell anything better. 
When you really understand human behavior, you understand how to appeal to different people.
If you’re in sales, understanding behavior will help you instantly get into rapport with someone, mirror their DISC style, and become more persuasive.
And if you think "But I don't sell anything," you do!  
You sell your ideas and skills in a new job opportunity, for a raise, to improve your team, with your spouse, and even to your kids (consider bedtime a total exercise in the art of persuasion) 
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What is the DISC?

You could compare the DISC to the Enneagram, or Myers Briggs, except it's much clearer, universal, and simple to use.
The DISC is a self-assessment tool based on the work of psychologist Dr. William Moulton Marston. It is used by more than a million people each year (creating a massive volume of results to ensure accuracy and relevance) and focuses on four different behavioral traits.
The four traits are:
Dominance  (just do it)
Influence  (YOU can do it!)
Stability  (better safe than sorry)
Correctness  (do it right or not at all)
While each person has all four different behavioral traits, we do not EXPRESS them the same way... 


We need to know which behavior we LEAD with and the DISC tells us that.

The DISC is one of the only assessments that can actually improve your empathy and emotional intelligence because you’ll understand WHY other people do what they do. DISC is not a measure of intelligence, skills, education, or experience.
If you want something USEFUL to improve your communication or results in your life, the DISC is an excellent step toward that kind of progress.
Plus, the reports exclusively offered here through Goodman Coaching even show you how to use your results in daily life with tips on motivation, communication, and stress ALL specific to your behavioral style:  
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