What if the key to exponential growth in your business...


Had nothing to do with business?


Your business will only grow to the extent that your mind and network grow. That's why we built a mastermind to exponentially grow both in days instead of years.

This is a mastermind for growth-focused leaders.


Your success came with new challenges. In this mastermind, we guide you through  transformational mindset coaching, high-ROI business leadership training, and connect you with other high-level business owners/entrepreneurs. We tackle all of your challenges in a brand new way.

The results?

100% of our members have experienced exponential growth in life, business, relationships, personal freedom, happiness, and fulfillment.


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Transform your life AND your business. 

Upgrade your business by upgrading your mindset and network. 
Fast-track any result you want in relationships and business by simply elevating the way you think and lead.
Connect with other visionaries and business leaders who will challenge/support you in your growth. Your network IS your net worth!
Break through your upper limits, experience more connection in your relationships, get better leverage, get clarity on your vision, and dramatically grow your business while working less.
Our program is different because we focus on 80% mindset and 20% high-ROI tactical strategy. We quickly dive into your personal, leadership, and business growth with other hardworking entrepreneurs who will push you to greater success in days instead of years.
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What's included?


  • 90 days of accelerated growth:  Each member's term is 90 days. Commit to the coaching, connections, resources, and guidance you need to drastically transform your life and business. Renew at the end of your term, or move on to another one of our coaching offers that best fits your needs.
  • Group calls:  Coach live with Chris Goodman via Zoom weekly. Get in the hot seat or learn from your peers, get answers in realtime, and receive meaningful support from fellow members.
  • One-on-one coaching:  Your membership includes one hour individual coaching calls 2x/month with our highly-trained professional Breakthrough Coaches. We pair you with the coach who can best facilitate your growth. Choose call times that work for you and your calendar.
  • Exclusive 24/7 community:  Meet other high-level business leaders for collaboration, advice, additional resources, and celebrations. Our community is not on social media (to help eliminate distractions) and is exclusive to RGM members.
  • On-demand growth:  Use our online modules for coaching and training to accelerate your growth at your own pace.
  • A personalized behavioral analysis:  Get an insanely accurate, detailed report about your behavioral tendencies to help you understand yourself (and others) better than ever. We use this in sales, communication, relationship, team-building, and other types of coaching.
  • Weekly accountability:  Coaches and mastermind members hold you accountable to your most important goals, and push you to achieve your big vision.


Chris' life & business coaching starts at $30,000 for one-one-one sessions.  You’re getting a mastermind, one-on-one coaching, AND a community for a fraction of that at $5,997 USD

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Meet our Breakthrough Coaches!


We pair you with the best coach for your behavioral style, experience, goals, and other factors to help you hit the ground running.

Renee Weaver

Renee is a highly trained coach with a Masters in Psychology and 15+ years of experience.

Audrey Becker

Audrey is a highly trained coach and entrepreneur. She brings vast experience as a Former State Trooper, Real Estate CEO, John Maxwell Certified leader, and Coach.

The best athletes, entertainers, and business owners in the world have a GREAT coach in their corner. 


Get accountability and support from great coaches and a community to accelerate your growth in just 90 days.

About Chris 

Chris Goodman is a leading life and business coach for high-performers. His clients include founders, executives, leaders in real estate, Hollywood influencers, world-class coaches, CEOs, and a variety of 7-8 figure business owners across dozens of industries. 

Simply put, Chris is a coach for those who want to become their BEST. 

His mission is to teach entrepreneurs how to create their own version of freedom, fulfillment, and impact on a global scale. 

Through one-on-one coaching, masterminds, live training, consulting, and The Relentless Growth Podcast, Chris shows clients how to unleash their mind to achieve the results they crave. 

He brings 15,000 hours of coaching and training, 5 years of corporate litigation experience, plus a sales record of $21,000,000+ to every conversation.

Over the years, Chris has developed a reputation for asking tough, transformative questions in an approachable way. Or as one client recently put it, “[Chris] pushes me harder than anyone ever has with a smile, a nudge, and a question that blows my mind.”

Today he specializes in coaching men & women in their mindset on topics like leadership, personal development, team building, rapid business growth, and building a life of freedom.

Chris travels the world with his beautiful wife Lindsey (also a successful coach), is a “foodie” and bourbon enthusiast, and they just had their first child (a girl!)

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The time to upgrade your results is now. 

Our membership is actually the core of the value in this mastermind. When great minds challenge and support each other, receive great coaching, and connect in a dedicated community - magic happens.

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